Layer-1 with All in One Scaling Solution
Raw Block

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A modular EVM compatible L1 blockchain.

High Scalability

RawBlock offers innovative methods for decentralized learning systems and data interchange. By lowering latency, increasing transaction throughput, and implementing scalability solutions. A smooth and effective user experience is guaranteed by this scalability increase. Scalability and quickness are two areas where RawBlock shines. Higher transaction throughput is made possible by its shortened process. RawBlock is the perfect solution for applications that need to process large volumes of transactions quickly since predictable block creation timings guarantee a consistent accumulation of blocks.

Enhanced Security

Enhance data security with decentralized storage and access controls. Minimize the risk of fraud with immutable and transparent records. Authorities are shared among several players in PoA and decentralization systems, as opposed to typical centralized systems, where one body controls the entire network. No one person is able to alter or tamper with the data contained on the blockchain because to this distributed authority. Strong security protocols serve as the framework, even if the system is designed to trust validators by default. As a means of discouraging harmful activity, validators risk their reputation and occasionally their financial resources.

EVM compatibility

RawBlock is an EVM compatible blockchain. Blockchain that are fully compatible with Ethereum, or EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, are platforms for smart contracts running on a blockchain network. Accordingly, users can create decentralized apps (dapps) on these platforms using a similar process to that of Ethereum, and these dapps can communicate with the Ethereum network. An increasingly popular option for developers and consumers in the blockchain industry, RawBlock's EVM-compatible chains provide familiarity, interoperability, flexibility, scalability, and early adoption chances.

What is RawBlock?

Layer-1 with All in One Scaling Solution

RawBlock is a revolutionary, scalable, and robust Layer-1 blockchain optimized for interconnectivity. RawBlock is an innovative platform that utilizes the powerful Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to guarantee smooth integration with a wide range of decentralized and web3 dApps. With Rawblock's innovative features, the protocol not only ensures user friendliness, decentralization, and security but also facilitates impressive transaction throughput. It also promotes seamless interoperability among various blockchains, creating a cohesive ecosystem for effective data and value exchange. 

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RWB Products

Roles on the Network


Rawblock Launchpad is the decentralized platform where cryptocurrency startups are presented and given the opportunity to get funding. Early-stage cryptocurrency token sales are made available to the project's before they are announced publicly. Know who you are targeting when you optimize your content as a developer. Use Rawblock Pad to determine who your target audience.

RawBlock AMM

RawBlock provide exchange services Users can execute swaps directly on RWB AMM DEXs, converting RWB asset for another at the prevailing market price, RWB implement more complex price curves but the underlying principals remains the same.


With RawBlock, you can grow your assets while keeping them safe. When using rawblock staking, the staker receives payment for $RWB coins in the form of the asset itself ($RWB) with high APY. Examine your benefits, find opportunities, and keep your possessions under your own control.

Revenue Sharing

RawBlock revenue sharing is a profit-sharing system designed to make sure that each user gets rewarded for their input into the business's profits. RawBlock are aims to link stakeholders' interests with the project's performance by putting revenue sharing structures into place. Users are more inclined to actively contribute to RawBlock's growth and development when they have a direct financial stake in the company's success. Stakeholders would become more motivated and committed as a result of the revenue share implementation.

RWB Roadmap

RWB Journey

Phase - 1

  • Carry out development and research for Launchpad and the RawBlock blockchain.
  • Launch the RawBlock token on Uniswap, the RawBlock Blockchain's native cryptocurrency.
  • Beginning to build the community.
  • RawBlock Public Testnet officially launched.

Phase - 2

  • RawBlock staking rewards implementation.
  • Conduct security audits to make sure the platform is reliable.
  • Boost community expansion via engagement and marketing campaigns.
  • Token generator, Launchpad, and RawBlock Locker publicly launch.
  • The Rollout of Revenue Share.
  • Registration through CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Phase - 3

  • The development of RawBlock mainnet.
  • Building bridges to connect the RawBlock Network to the Ethereum Network and vice versa.
  • Implement an integration with RawBlock blockchain networks and expand the launchpad's capabilities.
  • Expand the RawBlock ecosystem by increase number of transactions and user demands thru parnership with CT and CEX listing.



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RawBlock Testnet is now Live.

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